private & Social events

Our great joy is to help you express yours

Meaningful experiences are given expression through bespoke events that celebrate our lives and our milestones with the people who provide spark and depth to both.

From dinner parties to birthday celebrations, anniversaries to rites of passage, our goal is to create a memorable setting that allow both your personality and the purpose to shine through. We handle everything from the smallest details to the big picture so that you can enjoy the moment – and the memories.

  • Overseeing venue and vendors to ensure that your vision comes to life
  • Creating detailed timelines, making sure that everything runs smoothly when the event begins
  • Working with you to ensure that the design of the event reflects your person style, from the floral arrangements to the lighting
  • Offering creative, on-trend ideas and solutions for your event design
  • Ensuring each guest feels personally taken care of at your event, from tracking their dietary preferences to making sure seating arrangements create the most social atmosphere