Our success is measured by yours

Effective and honest communication is at the heart of engaging people on a person level. We will help you portray who you are and what you do in a way that reflects your personality and spirit, as well as your brand culture

We have the expertise to engage and promote through many different channels, including social media, websites, traditional media, email, newsletters, programs, branding and advertising. Through these channels, we promote via photos, press releases graphic design, videos, event coverage, and reporting

At Idywood, we cultivate versatility, creativity and capability. We will help you achieve your goals in a creative, colorful, and appealing manner across platforms that are most beneficial to meet your objectives

  • Asking you the right questions to build a solid brand identity and voice
  • Curating a design kit to create consistency, increase brand recognition and solidify identity
  • Working with you and your team to identify the marketable assets in your organization
  • Initiating creative long-term marketing campaigns to showcase the best of your brand
  • Increasing audience and engagement across platforms
  • Combining effective and engaging copy with visual assets to create relevant and interesting marketing content
  • Working across platforms to communicate a consistent brand identity across a wider audience
  • Managing social posts and curating relevant and engaging content